In the following Excel help section, we’d like to provide you with manuals for frequently asked questions and Excel problems.

What is VBA?

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a script language belonging to the Microsoft Office programs. VBA is considered an efficient scripting language, and is the most widely used option for creating programs based on Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, Access, etc.).

What is a macro (VBA macro), and what is the security risk?

Macros automate commonly executed tasks. Many macros are created using VBA, and are written by software developers. Some macros present a potential security risk. Hackers are able to implant a malicious macro into a document or file that spreads a virus on the computer.

How do I activate or deactivate macros in Excel?

Macro security settings can be found in the Security Center. However, if you work at an organization, the system administrator may have changed the default settings to prevent you from adjusting the settings.

MS Windows Versions:


I have Office 2008 (Mac) and don’t know how to activate macros.  

Unlike Office 2011 (Mac), VBA is not supported in Office 2008 (Mac). Accordingly, the tools provided on this website do not run on Office 2008.

What is a pivot table?

In our opinion, a pivot table is the most powerful and most underestimated tool in Excel. With a pivot table, you can analyze huge data sets in seconds with just a few clicks. You aggregate data using pivot tables (e.g. revenue by retailer or by region). Then you can depict this data simply and clearly.

What is PowerPivot?

PowerPivot is a Microsoft BI feature. It’s an Excel add-in that is available from Excel 2010 onward. With PowerPivot, the user can load data from different sources, and then analyze it quickly and easily using a pivot table.